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  • Company name: Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank d.d.
  • HQ address: Kneza Branimira 2b, 88 000 Mostar, BiH
  • Phone: +387 36 444 200
  • Fax: +387 36 444 235
  • E mail: bank.bih@hypo-alpe-adria.com

Success for all


Banking business is people’s business. We have from the very founding been one of three leading players in the financial sector of BiH and one of the pillars of the BiH economy and it is our goal to keep this position and continue offering the best quality of financial services, tailored to needs of each individual client. We give the uttermost priority to the synergy between knowledge and skills of our high-quality, well educated and extremely motivated employees and ideas of our clients.

Corporate values

Creation of new value

The saying says that when planted, the seed will grow. What we want to be is a profitable financial institution, which is developing itself to satisfaction of its clients, employees and owners.


Our relation with the clients is transparent and based on mutual trust. Being present in 5 countries, we have learnt to respect regional specifics and make the use of each individual country, as well as to adjust our business to country specifics. By this approach we have established mutual trust and respect between us on one hand and our clients and employees on the other hand.


Our mission is to offer to our clients a comprehensive financial service to meet all their needs and expectations. Our relation with the clients is based on loyalty, confidence and mutual trust and respect. The Group strategy is to secure funds for private and public investments which could help the strengthening of the BiH economy. We consider the benefits of our clients to be our own and on this motto we have been running our business in the Alps-Adriatic region, to which BiH belongs as its integral part. The leading principles of the Group, applied in BiH and in other 4 Hypo countries, are partnership relation and well-being of the clients. We are committed to doing our business with the aim of developing the entire economy of BiH. Our business activities are clearly governed by safety, tradition and taking care of individual needs of the market. The relation between us and our business environment is a two-way one, meaning the environment has an active influence on us, whereas on the other hand, we are heavily reflected in that environment itself. That environment is our home. Therefore, our responsibility towards it is huge. We have for years been acting as a socially responsible and socially aware company, granting donations to various projects, supporting the work of cultural institution and sport teams and organising cultural and sport manifestation and events. Our employees have an opportunity of a professional and personal development within the Group with the aim of becoming fully competent and acquiring a professional attitude towards the clients and tasks.

Focus on clients

Clients are in the centre of all our activities. We recognize the needs of our clients and help them to achieve their goals by offering them a high-quality and professional service. Synergy between professional know-how of our employees and respect for wishes and ideas of each individual client is our corporate advantage, which we try to present to our clients-to-be as well.


Our communication with our clients, business partners, employees, owners and the public is rooted in transparency. We will do our best to reply to all questions of yours and to offer an adequate answer to your requests.

Personal development
We deeply believe that each individual employee of ours have certain potential and it is our duty to enable them to fully develop their skills and professional knowledge. We highly appreciate and encourage development of our human resources with the aim of generating the added value for all of them as individuals, but for the whole company as well.

Team work

High-quality financial services and new values may be provided only when working as a team. When working together, we can contribute to development of the entire Group, fully respecting at the same time individuality of all employees and specific characteristics of the regions.